All sales of our software products, whether branded or customised, include one year's standard support from the date of purchase, which is the invoice date. This support covers such items as requests for new or modified standard reports and support incidents.

Annual Renewals

After the first year, you have the choice of making a prepayment for a support plan (either Standard or Premium) or being billed on a postpaid per incident basis.

We currently issue renewal notices once a year near the end of each calendar year. These renewal notices contain a quotation for each customer, as well as terms, conditions and details of the various rates for Per Incident, Standard and Premium support plans. You have the option each year of choosing which plan best suits you.

For customers who use more than one product, there are special discounted rates which apply. Additionally, depending on which support plan you choose, there are varying rates for onsite visits, support incidents, data recovery, assisted password removal, additional training, replacement installation CDs, etc., as well as discount rates for purchasing additional software. These rates are subject to change from year to year and may be reviewed on your annual renewal notice.

First time customers who purchased software during the year will be sent a pro-rated quotation for the number of months from the time their initial one year standard support ends until the end of that calendar year. Therefore, a first time customer who purchases a product on 15 May of 2016 will be covered until 14 May of 2017, and near the end of 2016 will be issued a renewal notice and pro-rated quotation for the period 15 May 2017 to 31 December 2017. At the end of 2017, such a customer would then receive a renewal notice and quotation for the full 12 months of calendar year 2018, and each year thereafter.

Each customer is requested to return a completed and signed copy of the renewal notice to us as soon as possible, along with full payment and the quotation in cases where the Standard or Premium support plan has been chosen. Invoices will be issued on the date payment is received. Customers who require an invoice before payment can be made should contact our office and request that an invoice be issued to them.

Customers who do not make a prepayment on a Standard or Premium support plan, or who do not return a renewal notice indicating that they have chosen a support plan, will still be given support as requested but will be invoiced on a Per Incident basis.

Per Incident Invoicing

All customers on a Per Incident plan who make support requests will be invoiced once at the end of the month in which they received support. Multiple support incidents will be combined into one invoice.