DataPak is a data conversion utility which reads data from a number of electronic time clock formats and converts it into the import format used by PayPak Professional payroll software.

Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

If you are a PayPak Professional user and you also have an electronic time clock which records employee hours, you can use DataPak to automate the process of entering the payroll hours worked, which will significantly reduce the amount of time required to process your payroll and also guarantee the accuracy of your payroll data by eliminating the possibility of errors which can occur with manual data entry.

DataPak offers speed, ease of use, reliability and accuracy.

The software comes with several conversion formats for commonly used electronic time clocks. If you are a new customer with an electronic time clock which is not already included in DataPak's list of formats, we will create a new conversion format for you at no additional cost.

We do all the work to make DataPak as easy to use as possible. Simply select the location and name of the data file generated by your electronic time clock, choose your conversion options, and specify the folder where you want the converted data file to be placed. Then use the import feature of PayPak Professional to import the data. It is easy, simple and fast!


* BDS $ EC $ US $
Single Company License
Standard Edition 2,350.00 2,700.00 1,000.00

Hardware Key 235.00 270.00 100.00

Software price includes installation files, one hardware key, installation, training and one year of standard support. A hardware key is required for each computer running the software.

* Barbados price includes 17.5% VAT.