Inventory Control

Inventory Control is an inventory management software program which tracks inventory levels, generates purchase orders and processes requisitions. This software allows you to track movement of individual items, monitor stock levels and print inventory valuations. As with all Gray-Notes Software products, it comes with solid support from our team of programmers who designed and developed the entire system.

First released in 1995. Current version 2.0.

Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Key Features

Maintains minimum stock level, tracks item quantity in stock, on requisition and on order. Also displays average unit cost and total cost. Stock quantities are displayed for each location.

Item categories allow items to be grouped and reported by category.

Locations allow stock records to be kept for multiple locations.

Each requisition is assigned to a department.

Supplier categories allow suppliers to be grouped and reported by category.

Enter and print purchase orders. Track outstanding purchase order quantities and adjust purchase order quantities as stock is received.

Print item inquiry report to show all item activity over a selected period.

Change codes at any time for departments, item categories, items, locations, supplier categories and suppliers.

Process inventory transactions to record receipt of new stock and movement of existing stock.

Print inventory valuation and minimum level reports.

Process requisitions to remove items from stock.

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* BDS $ EC $ US $
Single Company License
Standard Edition 3,525.00 4,050.00 1,500.00

Hardware Key 235.00 270.00 100.00

Software price includes installation cd, one hardware key, installation, training and one year of standard support. A hardware key is required for each computer running the software.

* Barbados price includes 17.5% VAT.

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Inventory Transactions

Purchase Order


Item Inquiry


Inventory Valuation