QuickSale is a point-of-sale, inventory control and accounts receivable software program. As with all Gray-Notes Software products, it comes with solid support from our team of programmers who designed and developed the entire system.

Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Key Features

Sales entry is quick and easy.

Invoices can be printed in an unlimited variety of formats and sizes, including till slip and letter size.

Inventory valuation report can be generated for present date or as of any past date.

Prints statements on customer accounts.

Statements can be emailed.

Supports bar codes and scanners.

Prints item labels.

Contact us to learn about other features not listed here.


Premium Edition includes point-of-sale, inventory control and accounts receivable.

Standard Edition includes point-of-sale and inventory control.

Basic Edition includes point-of-sale only.


* BDS $ EC $ US $
Single Company License
Premium Edition 3,525.00 4,050.00 1,500.00
Standard Edition 2,350.00 2,700.00 1,000.00
Basic Edition 1,175.00 1,350.00 500.00
Additional User License 587.50 675.00 250.00

Software price includes installation files, one user license, installation, training and one year of standard support. An additional user license is required for each computer running the software.

* Barbados price includes 17.5% VAT.

Demo Videos

Watch it on YouTube.

This demonstrates how fast it is to put a sale through QuickSale.

Demonstrates how to add items when preparing a new invoice.

Demonstrates how to enter payments, save and print invoices.

Demonstrates how to enter a charge sale and explains some additional new features.

Screen Shots

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