Quik Coster

Quik Coster is a costing software program which quickly calculates the cost of landed goods. Ideal for importers and retailers, it allows the user to know the exact cost of each item on a shipment of assorted goods, and can also calculate selling prices based on markup and tax percentages.

By knowing the exact cost of newly arrived items, retailers can use this technology to price products effectively... keeping prices competitive while still making a profit on each sale.

First released in 2002. Current version 4.0.

Your database(s) can be stored on a physical server, on a virtual server, on a network computer, or on the cloud (Azure Database for MySQL recommended).

Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Key Features

Data entry is quick and easy.

Costs can be applied to items by dollar value or volume.

Item database maintains item profiles and allows costs to be tracked over time.

Costings can be printed in an unlimited variety of formats.

Supports bar codes and scanners.

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* BDS $ EC $ US $
Single Company License
Standard Edition 3,525.00 4,050.00 1,500.00

Hardware Key 235.00 270.00 100.00

Software price includes installation files, one hardware key, installation, training and one year of standard support. A hardware key is required for each computer running the software.

* Barbados price includes 17.5% VAT.

Demo Video

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This video demonstrates how easy it is to enter a costing in Quik Coster.

Screen Shots

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