Solid Gold

Solid Gold is a fixed assets management program which records assets and calculates depreciation. As with all Gray-Notes Software products, it comes with solid support from our team of programmers who designed and developed the entire system.

First released in 2001. Current version 2.0.

Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Key Features

Assets - Keep detailed record of each asset: code, description, asset number, in use, serial number, reference, category, type, department, location, assigned to, supplier, invoice number, invoice date, brand, model, colour, acquisition date, quantity, total cost, opening depreciation, accumulated depreciation, book value, residual value, market value, depreciation method, service life, production units, depreciation rate.

Calculate depreciation on a monthly basis for all assets. Figures can be displayed and reviewed before depreciation is posted.

Contact us to learn about other features not listed here.


* BDS $ EC $ US $
Single Company License
Standard Edition 7,050.00 8,100.00 3,000.00

Additional Company License
Standard Edition 3,525.00 4,050.00 1,500.00

Multi-Company License
Standard Edition 17,625.00 20,250.00 7,500.00

Hardware Key 235.00 270.00 100.00

Software price includes installation files, one hardware key, installation, training and one year of standard support. A hardware key is required for each computer running the software.

* Barbados price includes 17.5% VAT.